pijprokersforum.nlSome years ago I first heard of HU Tobacco and Hans Wiedemann through a friend of mine. He was head over heels about this new master blender from Germany which piqued my interest. At that time I was just beyond the stage of a beginning pipe-smoker. I had already smoked quite a few tobaccos from Europe and The United States and had more or less decided that, despite some good blends from around here, the really good stuff came from overseas. Boy, was I wrong… 

I mailed Hans with a request for some samples of his tobaccos. He was very friendly, of course it was possible and in no time an envelope fell through my mailbox. In it I found a A4 sheet with quite a few sample bags attached to it and the names written on the paper. Several of those came from Hans‘s United Passion range. I started smoking them and with each pipe I became more and more enthusiastic. By the pipe-gods, this man really knows what he is doing! From the oriental uniqueness of Joschi‘s Oriental Sunrise to the earthiness of My Special One to the solid flavour-bomb of Olaf‘s Favourite English, I absolutely loved them! I especially became fond about the latter, let‘s say I got quite a few tins stacked away of it in my tobacco closet. 

Hans and I started to mail now and then with each other and I discovered that he is a warm, friendly and modest guy with a big heart. I also learned that with his United Passion range the idea was to mix tobaccos for his closest friends. Here the flavour spectrum ranges from pure natural (Old Fredder’s Broken Flake) to cognac (Kelvin‘s Silent Secret) and smoky chocolate (RaiKo ChocoLat), but in any case always individual, according to the taste of his friends. Hans found the term „United Passion“ with the addition „Homage To My Friends“ very fitting and I have to agree with him. 

Throughout the years I discovered many other HU Tobacco blends, some I liked more than others but above all I could always taste two things: quality and passion. Once there was a time that I was petrified that my few „tobacco-lines“ with The United States became distorted. How could I live my pipe-smoking life without the excellent blends coming from there? Now I know better, Hans‘s offerings are on par or even better than many tobaccos available in the USA (and Europe), I don‘t have to worry any more.

Greetings, Arno van Goor

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